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Winning a Study

The Review Team selects the winning submission(s) typically within a few days to a couple of weeks after the Study is closed to submissions.  The Reward for the Study is distributed to winning Researchers as described in the Study page.

CrowdSearch Studies

The Reward for CS Studies is split among the Study Winner and the other Researchers who provided in-scope submissions.

Evidence of Use Studies

Due to the nature of a Claims Mapping Study, its submission process, submission ranks, and Reward structure differ from a typical CrowdSearch Study.


Researchers who demonstrate their research and/or subject matter expertise may be invited to participate in Private Studies.

Eligibility and Payment Terms

All Rewards are subject to our eligibility rules and payment terms.


Select your preferred payment method and track the status of your payments through your account.

Researcher Policies

Your participation in our Studies is an affirmation of your agreement to our terms and conditions.

Researcher of the Year

We recognize our top Researchers through the Researcher of the Month and the Researcher of the Year.