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Patent Claims

Claims are the structured description of the unique elements of a patented technology. Thus, the claims of a patent, rather than the description, serve the practical purpose of defining the elements that are protected.

Patent Dates

Each patent has a number of dates that can impact a patent’s role in a Study. For the Study patent, the dates dictate the timeframe of the Study and the range of dates that are available as prior art. For a submission, the dates determine whether the patent is eligible to be submitted.


When an inventor is interested in protecting their invention through the use of a patent, they are required to file a patent application to the patent office of their jurisdiction.  The application includes a description of the technology and related information to support the patent. 

Submission Process

The submission form prompts you to enter the necessary information and upload the related file.

Known Prior Art

Known Prior Art includes any piece of prior art relevant to the Study that has already been discovered, either through past searches or in the original application process. These references can help you understand the background of the Study and identify potential search terms.

What is a Patent?

Each patent contains a technical description which is confirmed by a patent examiner to be both non-obvious and novel.