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Patent Claims

Claims are the structured description of the unique elements of a patented technology. Thus, the claims of a patent, rather than the description, serve the practical purpose of defining the elements that are protected.


When an inventor is interested in protecting their invention through the use of a patent, they are required to file a patent application to the patent office of their jurisdiction.  The application includes a description of the technology and related information to support the patent. 

Identifying Keywords

Keywords are the main driver of your search. The most successful keywords will represent the detailed aspects of the technology that make the it unique and different from any other patent.

Background Research

By gaining sufficient background knowledge of the technology, you will be able to determine where to search, what search terms to use, and which references are the most valuable.

What is a Patent?

Each patent contains a technical description which is confirmed by a patent examiner to be both non-obvious and novel.