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Submission Process

Eligibility Questionnaire

Prior to your first submission to a Study, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to determine your eligibility to participate.  This questionnaire helps to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest that may prevent you from participating in the Study. You need to complete this questionnaire only once for each Study.  To complete the questionnaire, please click on the Qualify button.

For some Studies, additional information is provided to Researchers who have already qualified to participate.  Click Qualify and complete this questionnaire immediately if the Study page states that the full description is available only to qualified Researchers.  Leads, if any, are also displayed on the Study page for Researchers who have completed the questionnaire.

Once you have completed the Eligibility Questionnaire, you may click on the Respond button to make a submission.  Clicking the Respond button on the Study page activates the form that will guide you as you complete your submission.

Bibliographic Information

The initial step for each submission is to enter the related bibliographic information.  You will be asked to specify the document type of your submission.   The succeeding fields will depend on the document type you have selected.

  • Patents – You will be asked to enter the patent number using the specified format.  For US and European patents, entering the patent number in the correct format automatically populates the information for the patent title, inventors, and relevant dates.  For other patents, you will be asked to enter the information in the fields provided.
  • Non-Patent Literature (NPL) – For certain types of NPL, you will be asked to search by ISBN, DOI (Digital Object Identifier, a unique code that identifies an electronic document), or by title and author.  If the search returns a match, the system will automatically enter the related information in the proper fields.  Otherwise, you will be asked to provide the relevant information.

When applicable, the submission must meet the requirement for the Latest Date for Responses (LDR).  Please refer to the section on Submission Dates for more information.

Document Upload

For some patent types, providing the bibliographic information will pull a copy of the document from our database. For such cases, you will not be asked to upload a document.

For most submissions, you will be asked to upload a primary document after providing the bibliographic information. Make sure that the file you upload includes the full text of the document, rather than the abstract. The file must not have any identifying information (e.g. your name) or other marks or highlights not part of the actual text of the document. The copy of the document must clearly indicate the relevant date, as described in the section on Submission Dates.

If your primary document is in a language other than English, you will also be asked to upload a translation in the field provided.

No additional explanations, reports, or analyses will be accepted as part of the submission.  The only files you may upload are the copy of the document itself and an English translation, if applicable.

Clicking the Proceed button will save the bibliographic information and upload the file(s) you entered in the fields provided. The timestamp for your submission will be based on when you click the Proceed button.

Submission Highlights

Unless otherwise stated in the Study, you will be asked to highlight your submission based on the Research Requirements. Please refer to the section on Submission Highlights for more information.

Special Instructions

A Study may have special instructions based on the type of research required. Special instructions will be provided in the Study page as needed.