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Submission Limits

Submission Limits Overview

Submission limits are in place to help you focus only on the most relevant information you can find.  With these limits, we encourage you to send only the submissions that best match the Research Requirements.  By being selective about your submissions, you improve your chances of earning the Reward.  In turn, we are able to offer you timely feedback while providing our clients the highest quality information submitted by the Community.

Limit Details

Each Researcher starts with a default limit stated in Your Scorecard.  You may be allowed additional submissions based on the quality of your work in the Study or the availability of leads. Your submission limit for a Study is shown in the submission form when you click on the Respond button.

New Researchers

Each new Researcher has a default limit of three (3) submissions per Study.  This is the default limit for a Researcher whose total number of submissions to all Studies is  less than 25.

Submission Levels

If you are a Researcher whose total number of submissions to all Studies is at least 25, your default limit will be based on the quality of your most recent 50 submissions.  As shown on the table, your in-scope percentage (i.e. the percentage of rank 3, 4, or 5 submissions among your most recent 50) corresponds to a given default limit.   A Researcher who consistently performs well in our Studies is therefore rewarded with a higher default limit.  By making more in-scope submissions, you have the opportunity to increase your default limit.

In-Scope and Lead Bonuses

Additional submissions may be allowed if one of your submissions is in-scope or if a lead is available.  Every in-scope submission earns a certain number of additional submissions to the same Study, as shown on the table.  Every lead we provide earns one additional submission for all Researchers who have already participated in the Study.

Submission Cap

Each Researcher may submit up to 25 submissions per Study, including any in-scope or lead bonuses earned beyond the default submission limit. Once this submission cap is reached, an in-scope submission will no longer earn additional submission slots. Duplicates are not counted against your submission limit or the submission cap.

The Study Reviewers, at their own discretion, may increase a Researcher’s submission limit above the submission cap. Any additional in-scope submissions, however, are not eligible to earn bonus submissions.