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Submission Highlights

Why Should I Highlight My Submission?

Unless otherwise stated in the Study, you will be asked to highlight the sections of the document that best match the Research Requirements. This is your opportunity to indicate why you think the submission is relevant to the Study. Matching each Research Requirement to the related text or section of the document allows you to confirm that your submission has the elements needed to be evaluated as in-scope.

Proper highlights also allow us to evaluate submissions quickly and accurately. Submissions will be reviewed much faster if the Review Team does not need to look for each element in every submission because the relevant sections have already been properly cited.

How to Highlight Your Submission

The new AOP highlighting tool will allow you to match the relevant section of your submission to the corresponding element of the Research Requirements. Upon clicking the Proceed button in the submission form (as described in the Submission Process), you have 120 minutes (two hours) to complete your submission highlights. If you send your submission less than two hours before the Study expires, you will only have until 12 noon ET of the Expiration Date to complete the highlights. Any edits to the highlights will not be allowed after the allotted time.

To view your responses to a Study, go to the My Responses tab in the Study page. (You may also access the My Responses tab for each Study through the My Studies page.) For each submission, the Highlights column in the table will provide a link to view your highlights. You may edit your highlights through the link within the allotted time.

Adding a Highlight

Text – Select the text you wish to highlight using the text selection tool. Choose the element(s) corresponding to the highlight. Click Save. If the text cannot be selected, switch to the area selection tool.

Area – Select the area selection tool from the highlighter menu, then click and drag to create an area highlight. Choose the element(s) corresponding to the highlight. Click Save. Area selection is enabled after two unsuccessful attempts to select text in a PDF. This tool is ideal for non-text PDFs and images.

Once you have added the highlight, the corresponding element of the Research Requirements in the right panel will also be highlighted. This will allow you to see which elements are not yet covered by your highlights. Please provide highlights for as many Priority elements as possible. While a submission may still be in-scope even if it does not cover all the Priority elements, it will have a higher chance of winning the Reward if it covers most, if not all the Priority elements.

For more information about Priority, Conditional, and Optional elements, please refer to the Research Requirements section of the Parts of a Study page.

Reviewing and Editing Your Highlights

Click the icon corresponding to the element in the right panel to see the highlight(s) for that requirement. Hover above a highlight and click on the pencil icon to edit or the X to delete.

Additional Highlights

If available, use the Additional Highlights field in the right panel as instructed in the Study.

Highlighting Tips

Precision is key. While the full document may be relevant, please focus only on the sections that directly match each element of the Research Requirements. Do not highlight the full document. Be as specific as possible.

Be selectiveThe full document may have several sections that are related to the same Research Requirement. You do not need to highlight all if one or two will be enough to demonstrate that the Research Requirement is indeed present in the document.

A 1:1 match is ideal. You may relate a highlight to multiple Research Requirements, but we prefer that you relate one highlight to only one element. If a section or block of text is related to multiple elements, we suggest that you break down the highlights, so that each is matched to the most closely related element. Do not associate a highlight with all the Research Requirements.

Ask AOP Support. Do not resubmit the same document if you encounter a technical issue with the highlighting tool. Instead, send us an email to notify us about the issue. Include as many details as possible (for example, the Response ID of the submission, any error message that is displayed, and the web browser you are using). Please note that we may not open the submission for highlights once it has already been reviewed.

Evaluation of Submission Highlights

It is paramount that any submission be highlighted accurately. For example, using CNTRL-F to locate keywords is generally insufficient. We have encountered a number of submissions wherein the researcher simply highlighted passages containing keywords while the passage in toto actually TAUGHT AWAY from the concept of interest. Additionally, while the Research Requirements may be “required” or “optional”, it is far better to leave a “required” Research Requirement blank rather than highlight erroneous passages. Recall that the rules of every Study require accurate highlighting. Accordingly, should you submit the best reference but, for example, simply highlighted randomly to make it appear as if substantive work had been completed, YOU WILL NOT WIN AN AWARD. As we have done before, we will award prize money you otherwise would have won to the second best reference.

The highlights for Accepted submissions will be evaluated as follows:

  • Acceptable – The highlights are accurate.
  • Unacceptable – The highlights are inaccurate or misleading. They do not demonstrate the Researcher’s effort to provide useful highlights. The submission is not eligible for the Reward.
  • Incomplete – The highlights are useful but missed some relevant sections. The submission, however, is still eligible for the Reward.

Below are some examples of highlights that may be considered as “Unacceptable:”

  • The first page of a patent or the title page of NPL
  • A section header with no relevant information
  • Highlights that cover all the pages of a document

The following is an example of unacceptable highlighting:

Reward Eligibility

Submissions with “Unacceptable” highlights are not eligible for any Reward. Those marked as “Incomplete” are eligible.