AOP Community Resources

Study Status


An Active Study is accepting submissions.  A Study is Active and appears on the Active Studies tab until 12 noon (ET) of the indicated Expiration Date.   The Qualify button is enabled on the page of an Active Study if the Researcher has yet to fill out the Eligibility Questionnaire.  If the Researcher has already qualified, the Respond button is enabled.

Final Review

A Study that is already under Final Review is no longer accepting submissions.  A Study is moved from Active (Open tab) to Final Review (Completed tab) at 12 noon (ET) of the Expiration Date.  The Review Team evaluates the submissions of a Study under Final Review to determine the Winners.  The Study results are announced shortly thereafter, typically within a couple of weeks after the Expiration Date.


The results of the Study are announced when the Study is Completed.  The Study is updated to show the usernames of the winning Researchers.