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Eligibility and Payment Terms

Reward Eligibility

Reward eligibility is based on a Researcher’s in-scope percentage. A Researcher needs to maintain an in-scope percentage of at least 10% to be eligible for any Reward. This policy applies to Researchers with at least 25 reviewed submissions to date. A Researcher with less than 25 reviewed submissions is eligible for Rewards.

This policy seeks to encourage Researchers to perform consistently well in our Studies.  We ask you to send only the submissions that best match the research requirements of each Study to ensure that you meet the minimum in-scope percentage.

Reward Payment

You will be notified via email when you win a Study.  The notification will clearly indicate the Study and the amount of the Reward you will receive. You can track the status of each payment through the Payment History page in your account.

Payments for ExpertSearch and FlashSearch Studies are due seven (7) days after the Expiration Date. All other payments including those for CrowdSearch and other types of Studies are due 60 days after the Winners are announced.  As Rewards are paid on a weekly basis, payments are processed on the last business day of the week of the due date.  If the due date falls on a Saturday to Thursday, the payment will be on processed on the following Friday.  This is shown as the Payment Initiation Date on your Payment History.

For more information, please refer to the next lesson on Payments.