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Researcher of the Year

2016 Program

To acknowledge the outstanding contributions of our Community, we will continue to recognize our top Researchers through the Researcher of the Month and the Researcher of the Year.

Researchers of the Month

  • Every month, we will honor the Top Researcher of the Month who will receive a $500 Reward.
  • Four runners-up will each receive $50.
  • In addition to the Reward, each of the five Researchers of the Month will receive a special token to be announced later.

Researcher of the Year

  • At the end of 2016, we will select the Researcher of the Year from among the Researchers recognized each month.
  • The Researcher of the Year will receive a $1,000 Reward.

The Researchers of the Month and the Researcher of the Year will be selected based on their Study wins, in-scope percentage, the types and quality of their submissions, and other factors that demonstrate the consistency and quality of their participation in our Studies. The Researchers of the Month will be announced in our blog on the first week of the succeeding month, and the Researcher of the Year will be named in our January 2017 newsletter.

For more updates, please check our blog and newsletter.

Top Researchers

2014: Najimuh, a two-time Researcher of the Month in 2014, bested 55 other Researchers from 15 countries to become our first Researcher of the Year. In over a hundred Studies last year, Najimuh consistently provided high-quality in-scope submissions, most of which were non-patent literature. As a result, Najimuh was a Winner or an MVR in two out of every five Studies he joined.

2015: Dsarokin beat 52 Researchers from 11 countries to become our second Researcher of the Year. A Researcher since 2011, Dsarokin has consistently performed well in our Studies. One of the five most active Study participants in 2015, Dsarokin maintained the quality of his submissions as he received Rewards for one of every three public Studies he joined. Not only are his submissions mostly in-scope, more than 80% are NPL references, which provide much value to our clients.

Who will succeed Najimuh and Dsarokin as the Researcher of the Year? The following Researchers of the Month are eligible for this distinction:

  • January – SirBrothers (Top Researcher of the Month), Emergencykayak, Innoip, RSNolan, Siddhidatri
  • February – Demetra (Top Researcher of the Month), Alfiet, Ananta, C_Amritkar, Ktpdx
  • March – Invincible (Top Researcher of the Month), Bhaskar_K, Immortalip007, Pavan9610, Tanguero
  • April – Msgiddy (Top Researcher of the Month), Amytexas13, Ggp1989, Rrstumpf, Yuyuc
  • May – Jbepcorp1 (Top Researcher of the Month), Buckeye, Pn360Research, RSNolan
  • June – IPCHEMIST (Top Researcher of the Month), Invincible, Ktpdx, Morgan2357, Phanwy
  • July – C_Amritkar (Top Researcher of the Month), AKMISHRA, Dsarokin, Invincible, Ritjack
  • August – Rohit_Sood (Top Researcher of the Month), Angeloluca, Cean66, Hance888, Veemu
  • September – Alfiet (Top Researcher of the Month), Davidheckadon, DrHrudaya, EagleEye, Morgan2357
  • October – IP_Search (Top Researcher of the Month), Alfiet, Angeloluca, Dsarokin
  • November – Angeloluca (Top Researcher of the Month), DrHrudaya, PatentCLE, Pavan9610

The Researcher of the Year 2016 will be announced on January 25, 2017.

Read more about the Researchers of the Month and our Featured Researchers in our blog .