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Research Process

Patent Study Research Process

Performing and submitting research on an Article One Study involves a mixture of creativity, organization and persistence.  Combine that with your knowledge and research skills to get started with the following process:

  • Choose a Study.
  • Learn about the technology.
  • Choose the best resources.
  • Perform your searches.
  • Submit the best references.

To dive deeper into the research process, our team developed the following layout as the most efficient and effective way to conduct a prior art search.  This is based on feedback from our top Researchers, as well as our own experiences.  This process can help to increase your chances of finding the winning technical references.  You can explore even more detail and tips in our Research Process Whitepaper.

ONE: Gather background information.

Learn about the technology and gather the key elements.

  • Select a Study based on your interests and expertise.
  • Read the Study Description.
  • Find general knowledge on the subject matter.
  • Outline elements from the Study Description.
  • Outline elements from the Study Patent PDF based on Claims.
  • Find references describing the history of the technology for additional background.
TWO: Develop, run, and review searches.

Test and re-test each search strategy.

  • Apply search parameters (related companies/inventors, tech elements, LDR).
  • Develop search strings.
  • Choose databases.
  • Perform search using multiple sets of elements and parameters.
  • Study results against known references, LDR, Study Patent, and claims.
  • Update strategy and repeat search for additional references.
THREE: Evaluate and submit.

Review and submit your final references.

  • Select references that best relate to claims, Study Description, and known references.
  • Submit your best references.