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Research Prep

The Studies on Article One cover a variety of research types.  As a Researcher, you are free to choose the Study and the type of research you wish to conduct based on your experience, expertise, and personal preference.  Your choice of a Study or type of research will dictate the preparations you will take.

The first lesson discusses the research types commonly available in our Studies.  The succeeding lessons and other sections of this Researcher Training apply primarily to prior art searches.

Background Research

By gaining sufficient background knowledge of the technology, you will be able to determine where to search, what search terms to use, and which references are the most valuable.

Identifying Keywords

Keywords are the main driver of your search. The most successful keywords will represent the detailed aspects of the technology that make the it unique and different from any other patent.

Known Prior Art

Known Prior Art includes any piece of prior art relevant to the Study that has already been discovered, either through past searches or in the original application process. These references can help you understand the background of the Study and identify potential search terms.