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Researcher Payments

If you win a Study, your payment will be processed via the payment method you indicated in your account.  The payment will be processed in line with our Payment Terms (More Info).  Your account allows you to track the status of each of your payments.

Payment Info

Complete the Payment Info tab in your account to select your payment method.  Make sure that your Payment Info is properly and completely filled out and updated before you start working on a Study.

Several payment options are available depending on which country you are based.   Some payment methods may have associated transaction fees.  These fees are displayed below the Payment Method field once an option has been selected.  Please note that Paypal and certain banks may charge additional fees. We suggest that you consult your Paypal fee guidelines or local bank for additional information.

  • Researchers based in the US – There are no transaction fees for ACH (direct deposit) and Paypal.  A $15 fee applies for wire transfers, and a $6 fee applies for checks.
  • Researchers based outside the US – The transaction fees for eCheck (international direct deposit) and Paypal are subsidized by AOP, but additional currency conversion fees may apply.  Fees apply for wire transfers and paper checks.

To minimize transaction fees, you may select a payment threshold by clicking the link in the Payment Info tab.  The payment threshold indicates the minimum amount needed to have your payment processed.  For example, if you set a payment threshold of $500, your Rewards will only be processed if the total amount is at least $500.

As required by US tax laws, you may need to submit an online tax form to complete your payment information. You will be prompted to submit the information, if needed.

Payment History

You can track the status of each payment through the Payment History page in your account.

  • New – The payment will be processed by the indicated Payment Initiation Date.
  • Payment Initiated – Payment processing has already been initiated but not yet completed.
  • Paid – The payment has been processed.
  • Your account information must match your payment information. Your payments will not be processed if the name in your account does not match the name provided in your payment information (“Address” and “Payment Method” tabs).
  • Payments are processed on a weekly basis. Payments are processed on the last business day of the week of the due date. If the due date falls on a Saturday to Thursday, the payment will be on processed on the following Friday.
  • Your payments will be processed only after you reach your payment threshold, if any. The total amount will be processed the week after the threshold is met.
  • Last-minute changes to your payment information may delay your payment. Any changes to your payment information within a week prior to the Payment Initiation Date may lead to a one-week delay in the processing of your payment.
  • Your payment method may determine when you will receive your payment. While your payment may have already been initiated, it may take up to a few days for your payment to be received, depending on the payment method you have selected. As such, please allow some time for your payment to be received after it has been processed.
  • Your Reward may be forfeited if your payment information is incomplete. Please make sure that you have properly and completely filled out and updated the Payment Info page of your account to ensure that payments will be processed successfully.