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Research Studies

In essence, an Article One Study is a request for information.  Researchers submit the requested information to a Study for a chance to earn the stated Reward.

The information you may submit varies depending on the type of research the Study requires.  Whether it is prior art related to a particular patent or patent claims mapping to a technology standard, the required information is described fully in the Study page.  Researchers may read the full Research Requirements and submit their responses through the Study page.

Getting Started

As a Researcher, you are free to participate in Studies that maximize your experience and expertise.

Research Types

Each research type demands a different approach. It impacts how you read the Study and prepare your search.

Study Types

The Study type determines the requirements of the research and other details such as the Reward.

Parts of a Study

Each Study provides basic information every Researcher should know before making a submission.

Study Status

The status of a Study indicates whether Researchers can still participate or if the results have already been announced.