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Participating in a Study

Once you have found information that matches the Research Requirements, you are ready to make a submission.  Responding to a Study is straightforward, but there are some important points to remember to improve your chances of earning the Reward.

Click on the Qualify button to answer the Eligibility Questionnaire for the Study. Once you have qualified, click the Respond button to make a submission.  The submission form will guide you in providing the required information related to your submission.  You have completed your submission once you have entered the necessary information and uploaded the related file.

The Review Team evaluates and ranks a submission based on how well it matches the Research Requirements.  Use the feedback the Review Team provides to fine-tune the focus of your research.

Submission Process

The submission form prompts you to enter the necessary information and upload the related file.

Submission Dates

For a submission to be accepted, the document must be dated on or before the Latest Date for Responses (LDR).

Submission Limits

You may make up to a certain number of submissions per Study based on your previous performance on our site.

Review & Feedback

The Review Team evaluates your submission and provides feedback to help you improve your performance in the Study.

Submission Ranks

The status and ranks are based on the Review Team’s evaluation of each submission.

Submission Highlights

You will be asked to highlight the sections of your submission that best match the Research Requirements.