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Non-Patent Literature

Non-Patent Literature (NPL) includes any literature or document that is not a patent.  Even though AOP Studies are “patent research” projects, that doesn’t mean you only need to search for patents.

NPL can include anything from journal articles and magazines to YouTube videos and product manuals.  Because of this variety, NPL can be much more unique and exciting than patent literature.  While NPL can be more challenging to find, it can give you a much higher chance of winning each Study.

NPL Overview

Non-patent literature (NPL) refers to any type of literature that is not a patent. NPL includes a wide range of literature that each brings unique value to a search project.

NPL as Prior Art

NPL can be very useful as prior art, but it functions very differently from patents. Most of the time, they outperform patents in terms of the scope, specificity, and relevance of the information they provide as prior art.

Academic NPL

Academic articles are compositions published in academic journals discussing research related to a particular academic discipline. These are usually informative enough in explaining methods, results, or technologies in order to appeal to reviewers and acquire more citation making them reliable sources of information.

Product NPL

Product Literature differs from Academic Literature in that it is developed to support commercial innovation and potential product development. These types of literature often come from those who have researched, invented, produced or attempted to produce these technologies.

Non-Digitized NPL

Non-Patent Literature can be found both online and offline. Non-Digitized offline literature can include magazines, newspapers, books, pictures, academic journals, user manuals, and even physical products.