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Researchers who demonstrate their research and/or subject matter expertise may be invited to participate in Private Studies. To be eligible to receive invites to these Studies, a Researcher needs to apply for the Study Expert Program.

Researcher Profile

To apply for the Study Expert Program, a Researcher needs to fill out his profile. At least the following fields must be filled out:

  • About Me
  • Language
  • Technical Knowledge Areas
  • Expertise
  • Education
  • Work History
  • Resume

Once these required fields are filled out, the Apply button will be enabled on your profile. Click the Apply button to submit your profile for review. We will inform you if further updates are needed or if Supporting Documents will be required. You will receive a notification once your profile has been accepted for the Study Expert Program.

We will use the information in the profiles to determine which Researchers will be invited to specific Studies. As such, we encourage you to be as detailed as possible in completing your profile.

Selection of Experts

To be invited to a Private Study, a Study Expert must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 25 submissions to date
  • Past 50 in-scope percentage of at least 40%
  • Past 50 NPL percentage of at least 30%

A new Researcher may also be considered as a Study Expert if his profile demonstrates his subject matter expertise in the technology area of a given Study.

Please note that other factors may be considered in addition to the criteria above. Researchers will be invited based on the information in their profiles, their performance in previous Studies, and other factors deemed necessary for the Study.

Once selected for a specific Study, the Researcher will receive an invite. The Researcher may accept or decline the invite as instructed in the message. If the Researcher fails to respond within the allotted time, the invite expires. Another Researcher will be invited if an invite is declined or expires.

Study Expert Opportunities

Study Experts may be invited to participate in the following opportunities:

  • CrowdSearch Mini
  • ExpertSearch
  • FlashSearch

The Reward structure for each opportunity varies per Study type. Refer to the page on Study Types for more information on each kind of private Study.

Study Expert opportunities are subject to availability.

Policy on Study Expert Participation

A Study Expert commits to participating in the Study upon accepting the invite. Unless otherwise stated in the invite or the Study, the following terms cover the Researcher’s participation and the guaranteed compensation in the Study:

Each Study Expert is asked to submit at least the three best references they can find. We understand that in some cases, you may find only a few references that are relevant to the Study. In such cases, we still ask you to submit at least three references to show us what kinds of documents you encountered in your search. This will be useful feedback we can provide our client. Please note that your Study Expert submissions are not included in your in-scope percentage.

Each Study Expert is asked to answer the Expert Questionnaire to demonstrate that a reasonably thorough search was conducted. In case you do not have in-scope submissions to the Study, we will use the Questionnaire (provided in the Study Guidelines) to see if a satisfactory search was performed. Please be as detailed as possible, so we can understand the challenges you encountered in the Study.

All Study Experts who meet the requirements above will be paid the Reward as described in the Study. If the Study Expert does not have an in-scope submission, the Reward will still be paid as long as the Expert’s Questionnaire demonstrates that a thorough search was conducted. The Reward may be forfeited, however, if the Study Expert does not have an in-scope submission and the Questionnaire does not provide enough details to show that a thorough search was performed.

The Reward to be paid to the Expert is subject to our Payment Terms.