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Evidence of Use Studies

Study List

Evidence of use studies are listed as one of the research types on our list of studies.

Submitting a Response

To submit a response, a Researcher follows these steps:

  • Upon qualifying for the Study, enter the details in the submission form as shown above. Enter the title, and select the applicable Mapping Type. Upload a copy of the standard for a Standard Map or the product literature for a Product Map. Click Submit to proceed.
  • Use the highlighting tool to relate each element of at least one independent claim of the given patent to the relevant section of the standard or product literature. Note that mapping more than one independent claim is encouraged and can increase the value of your submission and your chance of winning the Reward.



Submission Ranks

The ranks of submissions to Claims Mapping Studies are different from the typical ranks provided in other Study types.

  • Rank 1 – The submission is no longer in the running for the Reward after being reviewed initially by Article One and/or the Client.
  • Rank 3 – The submission has been reviewed by Article One and will be reviewed by the Client. Its rank will be changed later to a 1 or 4.
  • Rank 4 – The submission has been reviewed initially by the Client. Though the submission will be reviewed further, its rank will no longer be updated.

As shown above, the ranks for evidence of use submissions indicate the status of the review, rather than the quality of the submission. A submission with a Rank of 3 or 4 is eligible, but not guaranteed, to win the Reward. The Winner will be selected as described in the Reward Structure of the Study.

Please note that evidence of use submissions are NOT included in the calculation of your researcher in-scope percentage.

Study Reward

The following criteria will be used in selecting Winners:

  • Accuracy of the mapping of the patent to a Standard(s), and/or
  • Demonstration of evidence of use of the technology in a product
  • Market size and economic value

Please refer to the Reward structure provided in the Study page for more information about how the Reward will be paid.